Monday, 10 August 2009

Sim a Licious

Ever wish you had a little bit more space to
spread out?

Or perhaps you are tired of seeing nothing but endless water off the end your land or sim.

The wonderful Michigan gals, Ijovi and 2Wat have come up with some lovely sim expander's.
The authors of this helpful hints blog.

As an enhancement to the end of your land, or a park or anywhere they are a great addition your landscape. This has a pirate theme and a sunken ship, but luckily the treasure made it to shore.

This not only looks great but is use able and adds more space as well to relax, play and even sword fight!
I am sure if you have a custom requirement they would be delighted to help and build to suit.
Keep hunting and expand the treasures in your inventory.

X Men...

Talented, AlexandraM Guisse, put together this gift for men with a little sexy somethin for gals too. All treasure hunts need an x marks the spot and this is the shirt for men. It looked good on me, but I am 7 feet tall, so stuff stretches. The bottom shorts looked cute like jammies. Will look great on any man.

Bringing up the rear

She wore a teenie weenie shell bikini...

And this is what I am wearing from, Akila Rondelstein of Street Dermatology. The shell head band is very clever and you can adjust it to fit your mood and your hair. The top would look very cute with booty shorts, blue jeans, dress tuxedo pants for fun as well as under the sea.

No seawitche should be without her magic wand, this has some very nice details on it and the little bubbles look like pearls. Keep looking hunters!!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

A Hunting we will go...

KittyKat Ninetails made this very cool hip flask with hud and other cool things it can do. What pirate worth their salt would be found without a drink at hand! Many more reviews and pictures to come!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Pretties for all of us...

These Black Pearl custom earrings are from Elettra Gausman, one of the many talented designers participating in this hunt. She has lovely gowns as well and the colors and textures are not only stylish but unique.

I won't tell you where to find them you must follow the clues, and it is worth it!

Another great gift below is by another one of our versatile designer, Aeris Shenlin. The detail on this buckle is superb. The pieces work well as mix and match and the top works well for mermaid fins, shorts, jeans. As well as just perfect as an ensemble, as part of the pirate bounty

Still time to hunt, dont miss out on all the fun and wonderful items!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

The Hints

Ahoy there me fellow Pearl Seekers!

we did the walkthrough for the hunt and have decided to create a blog to post hints here, please excuse the unprofessional look but we are still new to the whole blogging thing, the improtant thing is that this blog is up to date with all the recent hints for the hunt... We are not the hunt organisers just helpers so we dont take any credit for arranging the hunt, We are the Michigan Sisters from Michigans Shack shop number 2 on the hunt, see yah out there, hints to follow :-) (please note we do not give away direct locations and if you dont like our hints then feel free not to use them)


1 = Sirens Sea "you cant miss this one"

2 = Michigans Shack " A lollypop for 60l$?"

3 = Kittycat's creations "This hunt is a "barrel" of fun

4 = Animate This “ye answer to the pearl lies in the trees, while ye try ye luck”

5 = Smooth Designs "pearls are found underwater dont they? im glad they put the sign on such a pritty bridge"

6 = Street Dermatology HQ "wash" your pearl after you find it

7 = Alexohol Fashions "just above midnight is such a loveley place"

8 = A A A Touch of Ireland "accross the water when the sign is big, up where the pirates dance"

9 = ALI Couture "the "golden sun" will guide you"

10 = Sinuous Shapes "Matteo's Lanterns lead the way"

11 = Alli & Alli Designs "is that a genie in that lamp"

12 = Calia's Design "im gonna need a shower after all this hunting"

13 = Fire Good "Mohammed Ali & Mike Tyson needed these"

14 = Etherel nature "Starax's Samson keeps the pearl safe.... (you have to walk a while through this loveley sim, the x's will guide you)"

15 = dstinct designs "x-marks the spot"

16 = BelDimi Designs "Black Pearls in da club"

17 = Framed "if i had a pearl id keep it close to me when i sleep"

18 = Fine jewelry By Maggs "HOT HOT HOT"

19 = Teagan's & Scorpy's "The Gothic Collection is worth a look"

20 = The Big Apple "the pearl makes a beautiful ring"

21 = Atargatis "maybe the seahorse has seen it"

22 = C&D Designs "Follow the X's to find your "sunken" treasure"

23 = The Merseum & Oceanic gardens "take a long swim in the opposite direction from the ramp, left at the sea monster, past the wreck, to the underwater cathederal turning left again, stopping for a ride on the merry go round before continuing to the sandcastle to find the x's and your treasure"

24 = Grupo Samsara "ask the receptionist"

25 = Buddhabeats "not far from the sign the blue feathered hat would look good on any pirate"

26 = Dana "the brides daisey bouquet holds the pearl"

27 = Avilion Mist "follow the X's"

28 = Orage Creations "your looking for a shrunken pearl so im gonna be blunt about the fact its on the ground floor, as for the rest of the clue well, if i saw a black tiger i'd run"

29 = Emi'z Tatz "hunting making you tired? take a seat"

30 = Elisabeth's "Follow the x's"

31 = Cosmo Chic "Straight ahead"

32 = Royal Rose Plaza "follow the x's, its them cluckin chickens again"

33 = Heavenly Designs "nice n easy"

34 = The Stringer "take a trip to the underworld through the morsaleum door, then follow the x's to this pearls final resting place"


36 = Tethers End "Pirates need a hearty supply of fresh veggies so they don't get the dreaded scurvy out on the high seas!"

37 = Miasma "the pearl can see everybody coming and going from its hiding place"

38 = Forgotten Earth "look up, up & up again"

39 = Divalicious "feeling Lucky?"

40 = Je*Republic "Life's a beach"

41 = Passionate Neko "somebody dropped their pearl whilst camping"

42 = Bound "its another wet one"

43 = Prize landing "Follow the x's"

44 = Big Momma's Shop "thats a funny gesture"

45 = Gifthorse "find the antique fountain? Ye not far from the black pearl"

46 = Corrupted Innocence skins "follow the x's"

47 = Vibrant Eden Beach "follow the x's"

48 = twinkle, twinkle, little bat "under the mushroom enjoying the shade"

49 = Home of TempT "look behind the landing point to find a watery world, the trasure you seek is not far away now"

50 = Bleeding Rose Designs "follow the x's & get wet"

51 = Mz Shoes "dont you love logs crackling on a fire"

52 = Karnal Rage "whats that behind the screen"

53 = Rah's Place "rest by the water and think for a while"

54 = Boutique Glada "DROPPED FROM HUNT" surl to next landing point

55 = Rogue Designs "ohh those shadows upstairs are soo pritty"

56 = New York new York "ask at reception"

57 = Sanspareil DROPPED FROM HUNT surl to next landing point

58 = Bootiful Creations "those pesky screens in the way again"

59 = Simply "ohh my that black velvet dress upstairs would look gorgeous with a pearl necklace"

60 = SB designs "that potted palm tree nearly touches the roof"

61 = Magia "how beautiful the pearl looks near the red roses"

62 = the art of inspiration "its not on the bottom floor, but its not on the top floor either"

63 = Kastle Rock "tis the pearl you seek? then take another level"

64 = Heaven "not hidden"

65 = Squeaksters "follow the x's into the water, omg this guy must have gone down with his ship"

66 = Soul "find the red x's and tell me sweet nothings"

67 = T.S.D. "the lighthouse will gide the way"

68 = Glitter Girl "follow the red x's"

69 = Timmy's Junk "request it from the dj"

70 = Teagan's "feeling sleepy?"

71 = Nishi designs "follow the X's" !!!!! 3 LM'S ARE IN THIS PEARL USE THE XEENA'S garden centre here -

72 = Xeena's



if you cant manage to buy the pearl without buying something else then the next landing point is here , if you would like to carry on looking then a hint would be "follow the x's and enjoy the sun behind the greenhouse bazzare"

73 = Touch of Sun "Its a long way up, i'm glad they have elevators"

74 = VaMpArt "ohhhh cobwebs"

75 = Crimson Castle "look at those cart rentals"

76 = D3 Different Drummer "ohh ask the model, if it doesnt go over her head"

77 = Beck Island "are you a FAN of SAFES"?

78 = Santa Maria "rest ye bones in the tub"

79 = Avilion Vale "Follow the x's"

80 = Safe Waters Foundation "Not Hidden"

81 = Pas De Deux "What Beautiful Bubbles"

82 = LL Designs, Baby Wee Ones "Star Orchids are sooo pritty"